Seshadripuram Higher Primary School is located in Yelahanka New Town, Bengaluru-North. Our school has got a very good track record in all the fields of curricular and co-curricular activities. Over the year the school has made a remarkable progress. We have a very dedicated staff with a good infrastructure. The founders of the Institution and others who succeeded them from decades were eminent educationist's and distinguished personalities who have laid a solid foundation and nurtured it to grow phenomenally to the present status by their ceaseless efforts, our trying circumstances with commendable dedication, determination and indomitable courage, the successive managing committee members including the present team have shaped the institution to the existing gigantic position. Our institution has an excellent track record in the field of academics, sports and cultural activities. Our school is given the best infrastructure with an urge to provide quality education to students at all levels.

Betterment Committee
Sri M.S. Nataraj Chairman
Sri N. R. Panditharadhya President
Sri W. H. Anil Kumar Vice-President
Sri T. S. Henjarappa Vice-President
Dr. Wooday P. Krishna Hon. General Secretary
Sri B. M. Parthasarathy Hon. Treasurer
Sri S. Sheshanarayana Hon. Joint Secretary
Sri. B.A. Anantharam Member
Sri.K.Badappa Member
Dr. Kariyanna Member
Sri. Y.N. Mallikarjuna Member
Sri.H.Narsegowda Member
Sri. Narasimha Raju Member
Sri.W.D.Vijay Kumar Member
Sri. C. Rajanna Member
Sri.M.G.Ratnakar Member
Sri.T.V.Ramu Member
Smt. Kavitha K Principal and Convenor

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