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Awakened Citizen Programme of the Ramakrishna Mission, New Delhi

This is an initiative taken by Ramakrishna Mission to benefit the children and facilitate the teachers.

  • This program will be conducted for students of Class VII.
  • Classes will be conducted once in a week and will be within school hours.
  • 16 modules will be covered to complete the program by February for each class.

Olympiad Examination & All India G.K Examination

Olympiad examinations are conducted in school for English, Mathematics and Science. These exam gives a chance to students to sharpen their skills. Students gain additional knowledge and get an early exposure to competition and learning. Olympiads not only improve the logical thinking and help in brainstorming but also enhance the analytical and reasoning ability, problem-solving skills, and confidence. Overall, it helps in the development of a child at a young stage.

All India G.K. Exam help students to broaden their minds by providing access to many more things which are out of their school syllabus. Students come to know that General Knowledge comprises of all other subjects also and is equally important. Helps students to keep in mind the current affairs going on in India and all over around the world.

​LSRW (Listen, ​Speak, Read, Write)​ Classes


Effective communication is a necessity to climb up the ladder of success in today's corporate world. To bring out effective communication in English among the students weekly LSRW classes are being​ held​ in​ the​ ​school​ ​campus​ for​ ​the​ ​students.


In the system of Mentoring, each child is taught 'how to think, not what to think'. Children are not trained to learn by force or harshness but a mentor directs them to it by what amuses their minds, so​ ​that​​ they​​ may​​ be​​ better​​ able​​ to​ ​discover​​ with​​ accuracy​ the​ ​peculiar​​ bent​​ of​ the​​ genius​​ of​ each.

Assembly Activities

Assembly Activities

Morning assembly activities are conducted by various houses each week. Assembly programmes include Prayer, Thought for the day, News Reading, Special Activity and National Anthem followed by meditation. The meditation helps students to improve their concentration. The house captains under the guidance of House Mother's / Father's plan and prepare the activities for the week.

Morning Assembly is a platform where important announcement and information are disseminated. The morning assembly gives a chance to the students to enhance their communication skills and also exposure to public speaking.

Remedial Classes

Remedial programs help students close the gap between what they've been taught. Remedial programs offer more individualized instruction. This extra support can help them catch up to their peers.

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