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Welcome to all my beloved parents / friends, I am proud to say that i have completed 3 years in Seshadripuram Higher Primary School and very excited to be a part of it when Seshadripuram​​ Higher​ Primary​ School is ​completing ​its ​25 ​glorious​ years.

We have brought many changes in curriculum and uniform to up lift the school in better prospectus. As stated in Bhagvad-Gita "Change is the Law of Universe". With the great support and encouraging parents, we are grateful to bring small changes so that child develops both in curricular​ and​ co-curricular​ activities.

Regular check in discipline right from uniform to studies is done so that our children grow into a responsible citizen who will be great asset for future world. I would like to request my ​dear​ parents ​to​ keep​ a track ​of​ their​ child​ and​ help ​them​ to ​choose the right ​path.

"There​ is ​nothing ​that ​training ​cannot do.
Nothing is above its reach.
It can turn bad morals to good;
it can destroy bad principles and
recreate good ones."

- Mark Twain

As we are celebrating 25 years of our school, various eminent personalities were called to address our children​ and ​advise them​ on various ​topics.

I would like to thank my dedicated staff who are my back-bone in developing and training children in all aspects of life. I would like to thank my management for having trust in me and giving this ​opportunity​ to ​work in this great and​ dedicated institution.

On behalf of parents and staff, I would like to promise that i would try my best and work hard​ for the development ​of child, teaching & non-teaching staff​ of our school.

Thank You !

​ Mrs. Kavitha. K
MSc, B.Ed, MBA

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